King Valve Company, LLC

Manufacturing emergency shut-off safety valves since 1976. The King Valve can fulfill both your routine and emergency shut-off needs in both in-line and in-tank applications.

At King Valve Company, LLC, we will design an emergency shut-off system for any requirement..

Industry Applications

Storage Tank Facilities
Offshore Drilling and Production Platforms
Oil/Petrochemical Refineries
Chemical Processing Plants
Pulp and Paper Plants
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
Natural Gas Supply Lines
Sewage Treatment
Marine Loading Systems
Rail Loading Terminals
Truck Loading Terminals
Barge Loading Terminals
Barge Transportation

Feature and Performance Advantage

  • Positive shuft-off - fail safe closure prevents the flammable product from feeding the fire.
  • High capacity flow with excellent pressure drop to flow.
  • No hydraulic shock - controls speed of closing.
  • Tamper proof - installed inside the tank or pipeline preventing unauthorized tampering with valve actuators.
  • Always ready to perform - unaffected by power failure, easily installed in remote locations.